Happy 30th Birthday Wishes for Male and Female

Happy 30th Birthday Wishes for Male and Female

30th birthday is special and different from any other birthday. This is because 30 is the age at which many people evaluate their life, where they have reached and also where they should go in the near future. It’s a significant age because it’s where we often become more mature, smarter, greyer and wiser.

It is always best to make your loved ones feel special on a day like this, and there is no better way than to make them feel loved on their special day. Provide your dear ones with a smile by giving them heartwarming 30th birthday wishes.

If you are looking for the best 30th birthday wishes available, then you have to read this till the end. Here, you would be able to find the best and most beautiful happy 30th birthday wishes for male and female written by me which will give your feelings a boost. I have provided those wishes that will make your special someone feel happy on their 30th birthday anniversary. You will find the category for male and that for female. Check them below.

Happy 30th Birthday Wishes for Female

There are times when I struggle to find the right words to say, especially when it comes to telling you how much I appreciate you. But today, I will set aside my inner confusion and tell you in a very clear voice that you mean a lot to me. I wish you happiness and peace. Happy 30th birthday.

1. I wish you a very happy 30th birthday. It has been an absolute pleasure having you as my best friend and sister. You are fun, kind, wholesome and simply the best. Happy 30th birthday!

2. So, today you turn 30 years old. Please accept our sweet wishes on this special day. Happy 30th birthday.

3. There is no better time to celebrate you than there is today. Your 30th birthday. It’s a decade since the day you were born and what a decade it has been. You have always been a woman full of surprises. I pray God grants you all your heart desires.

4. As a young lady, you have come a long way. Coming soon to this age, I am glad you have been able to make the best of your time. I know that when you turn 30, many things will change in your life. Happy birthday.

5. The key to achieving your goals is for you to remain focused. So I am praying that all your aspirations will be achieved on this special day in a year’s time. Here is wishing you a happy birthday and all the best.

6. I know you are going to be celebrating thirty today because it is a special day that is going to be making special memories just for you. Your friends and family members wish you will be celebrating this day with a lot of fun and a lot of love. We love you.

7. You have always been around to provide emotional support when I needed it the most. And now I am here to wish you a very Happy 30th Birthday.

8. You are 30 now. Time flies and we keep living. Today, the main subject of discussion is your special day. I hope you will have a great time celebrating your big day with friends, family and loved ones. May all your days come with more love, joy and peace than before when you turned.

9. Today is a very special day in your life, and all my wishes for you are boundless. I hope that every single wish comes true so that you can truly appreciate how many people love you.

10. Today you are celebrating a landmark day in your life. I know that this is a very important day because it brings back fond memories of your teenage years. You have always been there and I hope you’ve realized that your dreams are coming into reality.

11. Happy 30th birthday to my wonderful friend. Today you are thirty years old, Congratulations. I hope your life is as close to perfect as it can get. I will always be there to help make it even better.

12. On your 30th birthday, I want to remind you that you are never too old to be loved. Happy birthday. On this day, I am sending my warmest wishes in a message.

13. You just turned 30 today. I want to wish you a very happy and wonderful birthday. You are such a sweet person, and I am glad to have you as my friend. Enjoy your day.

14. I first saw you in school, and I knew right away that you were special. You captivated my heart and became my best friend. Over the last few years, I have observed that you are a true blessing in disguise. You are the perfect blend of intelligence and beauty, making my life a happier place to live in. All this happiness is dedicated to you on your 30th birthday.

15. On your 30th birthday, I am wishing you a lot of happiness and joy. Some day in future you will understand the feeling when you can see the results of your hard work.

16. My best friend, 30 years is a huge achievement, and I’ve always enjoyed your company. I’m sure you will overcome all your problems very soon in this new chapter of your life. Happy birthday to you, my dearest.

17. Happiness, success and good health. You made it to 30. Congratulations, you are now in the prime of your life. I am happy to have found you in my life because I believe you will continue making strides toward your dreams and having a positive impact on people’s lives.

18. Here’s wishing that you have a very Happy Birthday. We hope that your day is filled with smiles and the warmth of love. Stay fabulous, my dear friend.

19. I am excited to see where your life will take you in the next ten years. You have always had goals and dreams, now is the time to chase after them. I hope you make them come true.

20. Today is the day to be grateful for a special gift that was given to me, a gift of the best friend in the world. Without your guidance, my life would be incomplete. To you my dear friend, I say thank you for your wonderful selfless service.

Happy 30th Birthday Wishes for Male

I am grateful to have shared so many beautiful moments with you. You should be proud of what you have accomplished in life and honour yourself for your self-discipline. On this milestone birthday, I wish you happiness and a lot more to come. Happy 30th birthday!

1. It is your 30th birthday and I wish you good health, wealth, prosperity and long life. You are smart, good-looking and fun to be around. May you be blessed with everything in life that makes you happy today and long into the future.

2. Dear friend, on your 30th birthday, you have become a man. I am proud of the man you have become and know that I share this joy with many others who appreciate your character, principles and values. May you be blessed with more years ahead to enjoy life to the fullest.

3. With your 30th birthday, I hope that you receive nothing but the best life has to offer. From your best friend who has prayed for your success. You are a pillar and I wish you an eventful year ahead.

4. Hey buddy, I wish you a very happy 30th birthday. You have had a lot of time to experience things that have made your life more meaningful. I hope you have no regrets though because I would like to see you 100 years old, so I can be there with the rest of our gang.

5. Today is your 30th birthday and what an amazing journey you have been through to get to where you are today. It is amazing how you achieved so much in your thirties by putting in a lot of hard work and dedication over the years. I hope that there will be more milestones and success stories. Happy 30th Birthday.

6. it’s your birthday today and I want to wish you many more years of joy, success and a great life. Let the celebrations begin and the good times roll.

7. It is my humble pleasure that your birthday celebrations will be as big as the times we had together. As a matter of fact, it is no secret how much you mean to me in every way possible. I am proud to call you my friend and partner in crime. Happy birthday.

8. I hope that this night is a glorious one for you, filled with gleeful moments. I am wishing you all the happiness in the world. Happy birthday.

9. The time has come to celebrate the passage of another year. I wish you a beautiful and successful day. Happy 30th birthday

10. You have been great in our year of friendship. Here’s wishing you a really fantastic 30th birthday. You are such a good friend, who I will always remember in my thoughts with love. I convey my best wishes to you now, on this special day.

11. You have done so much in your first three decades. I wish you good health. The best is yet to come and I wish you a happy 30th birthday from the bottom of my heart.

12. We have survived all kinds of situations together and it is time for a celebration. It’s your 30th birthday and from the bottom of my heart, I want to wish you an awesome 30th birthday.

13. I just want to wish you a very Happy Birthday. I know that you are going to be 30 years old. That’s why it’s a big deal for you and an even bigger positive change in your life.

14. My best friend, today as you turn 30 years old, I want to tell you that you are very special in my life. You have helped me through tough times and made my life easier. On this special day, I pray that you continue being strong and fight the battles of life with courage. Happy birthday.

15. Happy 30th birthday to a friend who I am proud of. You have faced challenges as they came, and prevailed. You are one of the most successful young men I have ever known. On this wonderful day, I wish you all the happiness in the world. May you live a long life filled with peace and comfort.

16. Today is a very special day for you. I am sure that you have many reasons to celebrate. Here’s to your 30th year. A toast to your long and prosperous life. May all your dreams come through. Happy birthday.

17. Happy birthday, dear. This is a reminder that you’re getting older so slow down and watch where you going. I just want to say thank you for always making me feel loved and being the most important man in my life. Wishing you a very happy 30th birthday.

18. As you embark on this milestone, I have to tell you that the path ahead looks very exciting. You are young and ready for anything, and I am confident that you will be one of the best 30-year-olds I know. May your day be full of celebration, fun, and adventure.

19. You live life to the fullest. You have never realized your own worth, yet I can see it clearly when you stand next to others. Today is your day and the entire world celebrates with you. Happy 30th birthday.

20. My life has been filled with laughter and incredible memories of our hilarious and wild adventures. You are an amazing friend that is impossible to replace.

Happy 30th Birthday Woman Quotes

It has been a wonderful thirty years with you, but more of it awaits us. There is still so much to go, so much more to see and share. May your 30s take you even further in life. My wish for you today is that the next 30 years would bring fulfilment of all your heart desires. Happy birthday!

1. I pray that this special day marks a new beginning in your life, where you reach your highest potential and achieve everything you dream of. Wish you good luck and a happy 30th birthday.

2. Happy 30th birthday. May you find a lot of love, companionship and support from your family members. You are one of a kind and we just love you for who you are.

3. You’re getting older, more beautiful every day. You have proven your mettle and taken your destiny into your hands. The will to change things always has been great in you. I am sure 30 would be filled with more laughter and love for you and your family.

4. You have spent your thirties making the world a better place. I wish you a very happy birthday, and may you continue with that great work.

5. Birthday is not the end of life, it’s a new beginning. Have a rocking birthday and an awesome life ahead.

6. I would never get tired of telling you how happy you made my family on your birthday. We have always considered you as one of us. I am sure that with your help and guidance the upcoming year will be a successful one for me and the family. Happy birthday.

7. Your life is about to change for the best. You have many more years ahead of you than behind you. I wish that you continue to live your life in a glorified and honourable way. let no one tarnish how special you are and make an immediate impression on this world like a star shooting across the sky.

8. May this day bring you happiness and good tidings as you embark on its journey. I hope your new age brings with it countless opportunities to fulfil your dreams and desires. May you be blessed with health, wealth, love, and a happy home.

9. A beautiful lady like you, who’s made me laugh, smile and love every day. Though time goes by, you are always on my mind and in my heart. I hope that you can have a very wonderful birthday with lots of surprises, gifts and happiness.

10. It is my honour and privilege to know you, to be your friend and to wish you a very happy 30th birthday. You are one person who is always there for me no matter what the situation. I want to thank you for that and for this opportunity to wish you a very happy 30th birthday.

11. Wishing you the happiest 30th birthday, today. I hope it is better than the last. I hope it is more enjoyable and filled with great surprises, endless love and positive thoughts. I wish you the best for today and always.

12. I am happy to share your 30th birthday with you. I hope your day is filled with fun and joy! I don’t know what to say except, that this may not be my age, but it is certainly my privilege to be here with you today. Happy Birthday, sweetheart

13. Today is a beautiful day, and a great way to celebrate your 30th birthday. The best thing about your thirties is that you are going to feel comfortable in your own skin. And you should take in every moment of it. You will feel blessed and will find new ways to celebrate life and oneself every day.

14. Happy birthday, my gorgeous friend and birthday wishes to you. Looking at you today, I can’t hide my joy and at the same time can’t swallow the pain of how fast time flies. Happy 30th birthday.

15. There’s no one else like you in this world. When I look back at all the memorable moments we’ve shared together, I am reassured that if something goes wrong with my life, you would always be there for me.

16. Happy Birthday. I am so glad that you’re still my bestest friend. You have made my life a lot easier, and it is so much better to have someone like you in it. I wish you the best birthday with your family and friends.

17. Today, I am hoping to celebrate your special day with friends and family. You are the best thing that ever happened to me. Here’s wishing you a day full of happiness, laughter, joy and lots of love.

18. Today I want to wish you a very happy birthday. You’re a wonderful and amazing woman. You have made my life better. Thank you for everything.

19. Life gets better with each passing year, and you are going to see what else life has to offer. Happy 30th birthday.

21. It is your 30th birthday today and I am honoured to get to spend another year with you. It’s difficult for me to imagine what my world would be like without you. Happy 30th birthday.

Happy 30th Birthday Man Quotes

Today is the day you were born, my dearest. You are on your way to greatness trust me, the best is yet to come. I love you much to say but time is of the essence. Thank you for spending your life helping others. Have a great and happy 30th birthday.

1. Your 30th birthday is a milestone that you should do something special today. It’s time to show yourself to the world, introduce who you really are in life. Excel in all you do.

2. I would like to see your biggest dream come true on this special day. The next 30 years will be as exciting and charming as the first thirty were for you. Happy birthday.

3. It is a great honour to celebrate your 30th birthday today. You deserve to be congratulated, it is not easy to get this far. Stay positive and let the good times roll. Have an amazing year.

4. Wishing you a happy 30th birthday. You always cheer me up and never fails to cheer me up when I am feeling down. I pray all your dreams to come true.

5. You are an excellent listener and a great friend. Thank you for being there for me through good and bad times. Happy 30th birthday.

6. You occupy a special place in my life. Your company has always reminded me why life is worth living. Today, I am happy and excited to be celebrating your 30th birthday with you.

7. May you have a long, healthy and happy life. You are a special part of my life. Good luck for your next 30 years. Happy birthday.

8. I feel like celebrating this special day with you. You have always been a big part of my life. May this event be an extra reason that brings us closer to each other. Happy birthday.

9. Thank you are small words that do not seem to be enough to thank you. I am amazed at what we have done together. Once again thank you for being my best friend.

10. You are definitely the best friend I have ever had. You are always there to support my decisions, and help me follow through with them. Happy birthday.

11. I can never thank you enough. Thank you for sticking by me all these years and protecting me with your shield of good advice. May this day bring you good health and prosperity.

12. . Happy 30th Birthday wishes to a guy who has just reached the most memorable age of his life. Growing older is inevitable, but renewing your spirit as you get ready to step into another decade of life is how you can spend your thirties. Have a great year ahead.

13. Wishing you a very happy and successful 30th birthday. You have been part of my life at this very moment, and I am so grateful to have someone like you in my life. I give you my biggest thanks and appreciation for everything that you do for me every day.

14. Thirty years ago today, your life changed forever. Thank you for providing me with everything that I needed to grow. I wish you a very special 30th birthday.

15. Wishing you an amazing 30th birthday. I hope that you have found happiness, success and love. May these upcoming years bring more of them to you.

16. I know today you are celebrating a milestone. I wish you the best of luck in your 30th year of living. The next 30 years will be the best of your life, and I’ll always be here to support you all the way. Happy birthday.

17. Wishing you a very happy 30th birthday. May this day bring you prosperity and happiness. Enjoy your day.

18. On this special day, I pray that you are showered with good luck and success. I am glad to have someone like you in my life. Happy Birthday.

19. I am so glad that you are my friend. I call you my brother, because of the special bond between us. May God continue to bless you as you enter into your 30th year of life.

20. I have never known a person like you, who has taken care of me and loved me a lot. I wish you lots of peace, prosperity and happiness in the coming years. Happy birthday.

Happy 30th Birthday Greetings

Happy 30th birthday! I knew the day I met you that you were going to be someone very special. I am happy and honoured to have shared some memories with you so far and I look forward to walking another year of your journey with you. My greetings, and wishing you a memorable 30th birthday.

1. Today is your 30th birthday and I want to take this opportunity to thank you for everything. You were there when I needed a shoulder to cry on, and a friend who will talk things through with me. Happy birthday.

2. You helped me through some of the toughest days by being there for me and putting a smile on my face in hard times. I really appreciate how you never faltered in your support of me. Today is a very special day for me. it’s your 30th birthday.

3. Wishing you a very Happy birthday. Today is your day. Have a fun-filled and wonderful day. Happy 30th birthday.

4. You have always been there for me whenever I needed support. And it is because of your unconditional love that I have grown into a responsible person. First, I wish you a very happy birthday, then I thank you for being my guardian angel. All my best wishes are with you.

5. I know your kindness and love for me is something that will never change. Thank you very much for being an amazing friend. On this special day, I want to wish you a happy birthday and many more.

6. This is the season to share your heartfelt wishes with those dear to you. Here is wishing you a year of happiness and success. Wishing you a lovely birthday.

7. I want to wish you a very happy birthday. Of all the people I know, you deserve this special day the most because you are a ray of sunshine on my otherwise gloomy days. Thanks for being there for me, in good times and bad times.

8. To my long time companion, I just want to say that we have been friends for a long time and I have really enjoyed it. You have been such a good friend to me when times were tough. Here is to more birthday celebrations in the years ahead as we grow older and wiser and successful. Happy Birthday.

9. You know life begins at 30, Well, it’s time to start embracing this exciting new phase in your life instead of fearing what it could bring. Make sure you are not missing out on the fun things in life and fill your mind with beautiful thoughts

10. Wishing you many happy returns of the day. I feel blessed to have been a part of your life and helped you achieve the goals you set. This birthday is a reminder that pure friendship always finds its way in this imperfect world. May God shower his endless blessings on you.

11. Your 30 is shaping out to be a pretty awesome one. I am glad to know that you are turning 30 today. Sometimes, I wish that time could stand still and you stay the same forever. I will do my best so that can happen. Happy birthday, dear.

12. Happy 30th Birthday. I hope this day marks the beginning of many exciting years to come. You’ve grown up to be a very wonderful person, and I hope that continues.

13. Have a fantastic 30th birthday. You have had an incredible journey and looking forward to seeing where you go from here. Be sure to call me in 20 years and tell me all about it. Love ya

14. I wish you a very happy birthday and lots of success in the future. You have a long way to go, but I know that you will achieve your goals and beyond. Happy 30th birthday.

15. My dearest, I was so happy to learn that we are more than friends. We are family, and our relationship is more than what it used to be. Your friendship has made me a better person and I hope for it to continue as long as I live. Happy birthday again my friend.

16. 30 years have come and gone, and you are still standing there strong. Life has been good to you and I may not be able to tell you this in person, but your strength of character is really inspiring. There is no doubt that you will continue to grow older, but what is important is that age does not determine who you are as a person.

17. Hope you have the perfect birthday, just like you are. You are one of a kind and I think this world needs a few more people like you.

18. I’m here to make sure your life becomes a little more colourful, more beautiful and cheerful. I want to make sure that everything is organized and neat around you. I wish you all the joy, good luck and long and healthy life.

19. Wishing you all the best on this special day. Once you decide on an action, immediately put it into play. It’s due to your sharp focus that you are living a well-balanced life. You have changed my perspective about life because of your powerful principles.

20. Your 30th birthday is a special milestone you have achieved. I hope your birthday will be as much memorable as special to mark this coming year with many more happy returns of the day.

The milestones of one’s human journey are definite and can be recognized. It may happen with joy or sorrow, but it is always celebrated.

30th birthdays are for many people, a happy event that is worth celebrating. They are remarkable events to look back on at least once in a lifetime. A 30th birthday wish is something special because it marks the arrival of a new decade.

I am glad you are to get the best happy 30th birthday wishes for someone. Whether male or female, the wishes here are perfect.

Written by Melissa Usunobun

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