Birthday Prayers for 2 Years Old

Birthday Prayers for 2 Years Old Child (2021)

There are reasons why the effects of prayers can last for years unending. And if we can find reasons why adults still need prayers in excess, how much more growing children? Especially on their birthdays.

And know that 2 years old children are not too young to offer prayers of blessings, favour, protection, good health and long life for them. No age is too young for prayers. The earlier you start, the better for them in the long run.

So, along with good wishes, beautiful presents ideas for birthdays, pictures and social media captions, birthdays are wonderful opportunities to also pray for the celebrants.

I’m certain you’ll find these 2021 birthday prayers for 2 years old child useful as your child or your loved one’s child celebrates 2.

2nd Year Birthday Prayers for Christians

Reaching the 2nd year is some good reason to be grateful to God. Along with thanksgiving for life and provision, these 2nd year birthday prayers for Christians are one beautiful way to commit the celebrant into the hands of God.

1. I know 2 years is pretty young, but I’m not ungrateful to God for keeping you this long. My prayer is that He will continue to keep you, protect you, and make you into a child that will make us all proud. Amen. Happy birthday, darling child.

2. When we had you, we said you’d grow up to love and serve the Lord. It’s been two years and my prayers haven’t changed at all. You’ll grow up to love the Lord, to serve Him and to bring more glory to His name. Amen.

3. My darling, two years may not be a really long time, but I’m always grateful for the opportunity to grow and learn with you. As long as God is alive, may you never be put to shame. May good health, protection and prosperity be yours forever and ever. Happy 2nd year birthday, baby.

4. Even as little as you are, I’ve seen how wise and discerning you can be. And my prayer is that God will continue to shower you with His wisdom, knowledge and discernment. Love you, baby.

5. It’s just been two years with you, but you’ve turned all our lives around in a good way. Your laughter and playfulness have given us so much joy and fulfilment. And I trust that the Lord will continue to use you as a source of happiness to us and many others. Amen.

Birthday Prayers for 2 Years Old Child

6. God has been faithful through it all; bringing you our way, and always providing for us to care for you adequately. My prayer is that God will continue to come through for you and to show you the depth of His faithfulness. Happy 2 years birthday, baby.

7. Those that wait on the Lord cannot be put to shame. Since God hasn’t let me experience shame since I had you, may you never be put to shame in this life. May God’s blessings and provisions abound for you for the rest of your days. Amen and amen.

8. You’re my miracle baby that I waited and hoped for, for a long time. You showed up, decided that you were going to stay with me, and to wipe away the many years of pain. Surely, God’s blessings, favour and protection will continue to surround you for the rest of your life. Amen.

9. I see how people are so comfortable around you, even at your little age of 2. May God continue to use you to draw more people unto Himself. May you live long and ripe, in good health and prosperity, to the glory of God’s name; amen. Happy 2 years old birthday, baby.

10. For as long as we live, I won’t stop reminding you of the miracle that you are. You came when all hope was lost, and you wiped our pain till we could remember them no more. May you never know pain and shame in your life. God’s blessings and favour will continually speak for you, my son. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Prayers for My 2 Year Old Daughter

You do not have to search for happy birthday prayers for your 2 year old daughter further. These prayers will convey your feelings of gratefulness and wishes for a beautiful future for your child.

11. As your turn two today, may God’s wisdom and knowledge continue to be abundant in your life. Happy 2 years old birthday, sweetie.

12. You turn 2 today, and it is my prayer that God will continue to take you from glory to glory. And to uphold you for the rest of your days.

13. For the rest of your life, may you experience unending joy and laughter. May evil always be far away from your dwelling. Happy birthday, sunshine.

14. You’re by far still the best gift life gave to me. And I pray for abundant blessings and good news upon your life. Happy two years birthday, angel.

15. Hurray! My love turns 2 today, and my heart is so full of joy! May your life continue to be a source of thanksgiving for everyone that knows you; amen. Happy birthday, dear.

Birthday Prayers for 2 Years Old Child

16. As you grow older, may you always be found at the top, and never at the bottom. May God continue to uplift and prosper you. Happy 2nd year birthday, my daughter.

17. May you continue to grow steadily, in good health and prosperity as well. Happy birthday, my daughter-shine.

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18. Child of mine, you have brought me so much joy and happiness in the time I’ve known you. Today and for the rest of your days, you are highly favoured and blessed. Happy 2 years birthday, dearie.

19. For as long as you live, May you continue to receive only God’s best. May your life also be full and healthy. Happy 2 years birthday, baby.

20. I cherish you with all my being, Lord knows. And with all my heart, I pray that heaven will always respond to your desires. Doors will continually be open to you. Happy birthday, my daughter.

Birthday Prayers for My 2 Year Old Son

The joy of having a child is second to none. But perhaps, the joy of watching a son grow could rival that. Who knows! These birthday prayers for your 2 year old son will bless him and make the day even more special.

21. Nothing gives me as much joy as being a mother to you. Even though I never want you out of my sight, I can’t wait for the joy, happiness and continuous blessings that the coming years will bring. Happy birthday, my son.

22. I see the marks from your birth on my body, and their sight cannot dampen my feeling of happiness and gratefulness for a boy as beautiful as you. May this year, and the coming years, be really kind and favourable to you. May you find so much happiness, warmth and love from all sides. Happy birthday, baby.

23. If I had to do the journey of getting pregnant and birthing you all over, I wouldn’t hesitate one bit. You mean everything to me. And today, I speak only blessings upon your life. You’ll shine and prosper for the rest of your days.

24. The joy you’ve brought us in this household has been second to none. You’re a good boy through and through, and I pray that we will never have any cause to sorrow over you. Amen.

25. You make me so content and proud like I did something great with your birth. I’m not ungrateful that God gave me someone as precious as you. And I pray that His presence will continue to shield and provide for you always. Love you, son.

Birthday Prayers for 2 Years Old Child

26. You shine so brightly already. But you’ll shine brighter in this new year, and for the rest of your life. In the name of Jesus, amen. I love you, darling; and Jesus loves you too.

27. Only God knows how much I love you; my heart is filled over with my love for you. My darling son, may the hand of the Lord continually rest upon you. May you be a vessel of honour, and bring so much glory to the kingdom of God. Happy 2nd birthday, love.

28. Lord knows that I could stare at you all day and not be tired. You’re so precious and so beautiful. God! I speak goodness and favour upon your life. I speak good health and long life upon you. No, we are not going to weep over you.

29. I look at you daily, and I can’t help but think of the faithfulness of God. And I’m certain that the faithfulness of God will continually go before you. Straightening out crooked roads, and making your journey smooth. Love you, son.

30. It’s not been easy, catering to your needs and all. But for as long as I’m alive, you’ll never want for what you need. Today, and on every other day, I speak ease over your life. You won’t struggle unnecessarily, and favour will always abound for you. happy two years birthday, dear.

Birthday Prayers for 2 Years Old Child from Father

The prayers of fathers are super potent, and the effects can be long-lasting in the lives of their children. Here’s why these birthday prayers for your 2 year old child from father will do.

31. Good health is never underrated. And my prayer is that you remain alive for decades and in good health. Happy birthday, baby.

32. May the good Lord continually cause His face to shine upon you. Happy 2 years old birthday. Love you now and always.

33. I pray that you have a beautiful life and that you grow up strong and healthy. Happy birthday, baby.

34. May door continually be open for you. As you grow older, may you never be stranded. Happy 2 years birthday, my love.

35. You are a priceless jewel, and there’s no one in the entire world that is like you. I pray that you grow to realize this. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

36. May your years be spent serving the Lord. May you experience the joy and peace that is in Him. Happy 2 years birthday, darling.

Birthday Prayers for 2 Years Old Child

37. You’re growing so fast! And I’m grateful that we’ll get to have long talks and walks soon. May this new year and the rest of your life, bring you good always. Happy birthday, child.

38. May this new year be marked with immense happiness and blessings from God. I love you so much, darling.

39. Even with all the extras, you’re still the spice to our lives. Happy second year birthday, baby. Daddy loves you.

40. I pray that the good Lord will help you live long to fulfil all of His plans for your life. Happy birthday, son.

Birthday Prayers for 2 Years Old Child from Mother

It is both a privilege and a thing of beauty having your child, and getting to grow with him/her. These birthday prayers for 2 years old child from mother will bless your child’s new age add more colour to your child’s special day.

41. I am eternally grateful to have a child-like you. And I pray that as you turn two, God’s unending blessings will be your portion.

42. Hurray! My child is 2 today, and my heart is so full of joy. May God’s plans for your life come to fruition. Happy second year birthday, baby.

43. As you turn 2 today, may your life be filled with special and beautiful gifts alone. Happy birthday, my angel.

44. For two years now, you’ve added so much colour and light to my life. I pray that your life will continually be joyful. Amen.

45. For being our joy and hope, may you never lack joy and hope in your life. Happy second birthday, blessed child.

Birthday Prayers for 2 Years Old Child

46. I’ve never stopped praying that your future be so bright and colourful. As you turn two today, I won’t stop offering prayers. Happy second birthday, my love.

47. May you grow up to realize that you are so worthy, so beautiful and created complete. Happy 2 years birthday, my girl.

48. God created you perfectly. And I pray that you grow up to know and live like that. Happy birthday, darling child.

49. May abundant blessings from God will never cease from your life. Oh, you’ve given me so much joy, and I’m eternally grateful for you. Happy birthday, son.

50. I will always be thankful to God for putting someone as you beautiful and lively as you in my life. I speak unending fruitfulness in your life. Happy birthday, daughter.

Your birthday prayers for your child is certainly one way to make the day even more beautiful. And we hope you found these birthday prayers for 2 years old child helpful.

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