Happy 30th Birthday to Me

Best Happy 30th Birthday to Me Wishes and Quotes

Wow! It’s the big 30! Your big 30 at it! A milestone that can only be achieved once in a lifetime. Being alive to see the 30th year of your life is worth more than what you can ever think of. No matter the experiences of the past years, the fact that you are alive is enough reason to be grateful. It’s acceptable to feel that a lot has not been achieved, that if you feel that way, but the joy of being alive is that there is hope to do things right and set new goals.

Celebrating a day like this is absolutely awesome. And what’s more awesome than celebrating yourself even before others do? That’s why you are here, right? You want to make your special day memorable. You want to appraise your efforts so far, congratulate yourself on your achievements, appreciate God for your victories, make resolutions, appreciate loved ones and wish yourself the best for the new year. Every plan you have for your big day is worth it. Seeing the 3rd decade of one’s life is no child’s play.

For an awesome 30-year-old like you, a list of the best happy 30th birthday to me wishes and quotes has been made available here. This is to make your plans for your big day realisable with little or no effort. All you have to do is go through the list below and pick the one that tickles your fancy.

You can write it as a message on a birthday card for yourself or post it on your social media status. It doesn’t matter how you choose to do it, what matters is that your day is perfect for you. It’s got to be perfect! So, dive in!

Happy 30th Birthday to Myself

I survived to another birthday. I can’t believe I am turning thirty. It has been a journey that I never thought I will complete. It is a miracle that I am alive for this very moment. Thank you, God, for creating a fun-loving human being like me! I wish myself a new year of bliss. Happy 30th birthday to me from myself!

  • Happy 30th birthday, boy! Life is full of twists and turns, and you have grown to be a man everyone can respect. You are the best companion anyone could ask for. On this special day, I would like to say that you deserve all the happiness in the world. That’s me; happy 3oth birthday to me.
  • I am really grateful for my 30th birthday. It is a milestone that I have been dreaming of, after all, it means young and naive, ready to explore the world with a youthful spirit. I want the best for myself and thank God for helping me achieve just that! Happy birthday to myself.
  • It was my 30th birthday recently, and I couldn’t contain my excitement. It was one of the best days of my life because I remembered how important that day was to me since I was a kid. People might think that’s weird, but what’s life without dreams? Many happy returns to me!
  • Here I am at thirty, so full of life and love. I always knew that I would be successful, but I didn’t know how successful I’d be. Now I have two kids, a loving husband, a warm home, meaningful friends… Thank you for being there with me through all of it. You are the best!
Happy 30th Birthday to Me
Happy 30th Birthday to Me
  • Today is my birthday and I am feeling like a light-year away from everyone else. I can’t get enough of how much my heart is flooding with love for life. This is the best birthday present for myself, thanks to you! You deserve all the praise today and forever. Get ready to celebrate me and make all my dreams come true like you always did.
  • Today, as I come to the end of my twenties, I feel a new life dawning with a lot of positive changes. You have inspired me to take chances and be bold. To stand up for myself, shed off the inhibitions and kick away unnecessary baggage. I am all set to embrace a new future! Happy 30th birthday to me!
  • Oh! How time flies! Today, I have completed another milestone in my life. And what better way to celebrate this occasion than by reaching out to my friends and loved ones. It’s a privilege to be in your company. You have always been there for me when I needed you the most. Thanks for everything! Best wishes to me!
  • Today is a big day for me. I turned 30 and no one could make me happier than I did. I mean it when I say I have the best self in the world! I am my biggest supporter, my shoulder to cry on, my comic relief, my soul mate. Have a wonderful birthday, myself!
  • Happy birthday to me! I can do whatever I put my mind to. I will be happier than I have ever been in the past 30 years!
  • Thanks to God for making me reach this age. I can’t believe 30 years have gone by so fast. I was just 20. How did I let so much of my life pass without living it to the fullest or having some fun? I guess this is all part of growing up. However, I wish myself a glorious year ahead and I promise to have fun. Happy birthday to me!
  • Oh my God, it’s me. I can’t believe I am already 30 years old. It’s been 5 years since I last checked myself out in the mirror, but the hours are ticking fast. Can I still remember the last time I had a bath? I have gone into my bed to have a lie down for an hour or two just then and figured that is the best birthday present ever.
  • I say this to myself today: I hope you know how much you mean to me. I wish the best for YOU! You are beautiful and flawless, inside and out. Happy 30th birthday to me!
  • Happy birthday to me. I get to be 30 for the first time!
Happy 30th Birthday to Me
Happy 30th Birthday to Me
  • Today is my day. Today I am 30 years old, and can drink whenever I wish to, so merry happy birthday to me! Can you imagine how much fun it will be to party late? You have no idea how excited I am! Hope my birthday brings you lots of happiness and joy!
  • This is a day I have dreamed of, and it’s finally here. The day when I become a beautiful Queen at 30. I am glad to see it in good health. Happy 30th birthday to me.
  • I just turned 30! Happy Birthday to me! It’s an amazing milestone that I’ve reached. The fact that I’ve become a wonderful person, holding on to my values and inspiration makes me very happy.
  • What a glorious day to celebrate 30 years of never-ending freedom! I have been a good person for 30 years. I have been a champion. Wishing myself a happy birthday is one of the best feelings for me to express my happiness, gratitude, love and sincere appreciation for family and friends who were instrumental in helping me reach this day.
  • My birthday is special as it has been the only day in a month that I do not pout. Today, I am happy and at this very moment, my wishes are for a wonderful birthday. I deserve love and appreciation.
  • My birthday is a milestone in my growth as a person. I should be proud. I have contributed a lot to the world, and it is good to see that I am willing to make a difference in society. My day should be filled with joy because of the happiness I have brought to other lives. If I achieve nothing else here in life, consider that accomplishment enough! I wish myself a happy 30th birthday!
  • I’ve been my best friend all of my life. On my special day, I want to share my love and appreciation with myself. I’ll always be the person I’ve trusted my most precious things with and the person who proved to me that nothing is impossible if I try. Happy 30th Birthday to the most beautiful woman-me!
  • If there is anyone in this world who deserves to have a birthday, it is me. I have given much thought to how much I have changed throughout the years. After all, not every human being goes through 30 years of living. This makes my life even more beautiful! So many things have happened that altered me into another person in the future. All I wish for in this life is to always be happy. Happy birthday to me.
Happy 30th Birthday to Me
Happy 30th Birthday to Me
  • Because it’s my birthday, I have something special for myself. I wish to have tons of success in my life and have a great time with friends and family. Also, here is a message from my heart: “Dear me, at the age of 30, may I find what I have been looking for”.
  • I throughout my adulthood have been a great source of comfort and encouragement. I cherish my wit, humour and general presence. I wish myself every happiness and love on this day! I’ve reached another milestone in my life and I hope that many more blessings lie ahead for me.
  • Wishing I a day filled with love and laughter on this special day of my life! Happy 30th birthday to me.
  • I wish to lead a life of positivity and look forward to each day as a fresh start. Happy birthday to myself.

Happy Birthday to Me 30th

Turning 30 is more of a milestone than I have ever expected. I don’t feel 30 though…Thoughts of how far I’ve come, give me the strength to keep forging on. Greater heights I wish myself this day. Happy birthday to me.

  • Wow, 30 looks quite different than I imagined, but still… it is great. I am happy to have reached this milestone. Happy birthday to myself!
  • Today is my birthday, and it feels amazing!!! Yesterday, I told myself that I will celebrate life this year. I always wonder why I am so hard on myself. The world loves me dearly, but my self-esteem keeps me from loving myself. Today, I have decided to be kind to myself. I will forgive my stupid mistakes and remember that it is always better to forgive than to hold grudges. I wish myself the best in this new age. Happy 30th birthday to me!
  • Now that my 30s are officially here now, I hope the future will bring the wisdom to make wonderful choices. Happy 30th birthday to me.
  • To myself on my 30th birthday, I thank you for being a good friend and giving me the confidence to live a fulfilling life. You have been there for me through thick and thin. Here’s hoping that you continue to be as happy as you make others feel.
  • I am 30 years old! I can’t believe that I have survived to this age. I hope that I will continue to do well in the coming years. Take time today to relax and celebrate. As I have always done, keep smiling all through my life.
  • This birthday wish is for me. I hope this year is all I ever wished for, and more. Happy 30th birthday to me!
  • 30! When I started counting the years, I never imagined I would be at such an amazing milestone. I don’t think this is even real, but I know it is because there’s no way my favourite person would lie to me. Happy birthday to me!
Happy 30th Birthday to Me
Happy 30th Birthday to Me
  • May the rest of this year be filled with love, joy and success. I hope I find happiness in everything you do. Happy 30th birthday to me.
  • Today, I celebrate my 30th birthday. I am looking forward to the wonderful years ahead of me. I am grateful for all the good things that have happened in life so far. I am certain, what’s to come is more beautiful. Happy birthday to me!
  • What better way to celebrate my birthday than with a nice night out? So, I’ve planned a party and things are looking good. It’s my turn, after all, to make the arrangements. I wish I could do more for myself on this special day. I wish myself a fun-filled 30th birthday!
  • One day closer to my death, one day closer to my birthday. Thank you, Lord, for making it easier for me to celebrate this by being my lovely self. How You have been there for me through thick and thin is a story I will never forget. May I be happy always!
  • I hope that the next big milestone in my life brings me as much happiness and keeps me as busy as I’ve been these last 30 years! This year’s birthday is especially special, and I want to thank all of you for your support and help.
Happy 30th Birthday to Me
Happy 30th Birthday to Me
  • If there is a secret to having a happy life, it would be living for myself. Like candle lit from both ends, my smile makes the world more beautiful. God gifted me with life and love, and I will do everything I can to make sure I am happy! Happy 30th birthday to me!
  • The past 30 years have never been better! I never thought I would live long enough to see this day. Today, I celebrate myself, my birthday and the wonderful year I have had!
  • The years have flown by since I was fresh out of high school. I wish myself the very best on this 30th birthday. I hope I build more successes in my future, for there is no telling how far I will soar. Happy birthday to myself!
  • To celebrate 30 years of being on Earth..to live every moment to the fullest..to be thankful for so many things..to have known so many people..that’s what makes me happy. Happy birthday to me!
  • Who would have thought that a child of 20 years old would be having a 30th birthday? As I mark this special day, I am happy that I have gone through the test of time and made it. I pray that I enjoy every second of this glorious day.
  • Today, I am celebrating my thirtieth birthday and I am having a combination of thirty different feelings. I can’t believe that for three decades my life is now counting and that my birth is over and there is no going back. It has been wonderful and trying at the same time; I haven’t always made the right choices but as my parents say, it’s never too late to learn from my mistakes. Here’s wishing myself a very happy thirtieth birthday!
  • Happiness is like a butterfly; the more I chase it, the more it will elude me, but if I turn my attention to other things, it will come and sit quietly on my shoulder…happy birthday!
  • I know there is a reason as to why I am as old as I am now. And as I look at my watch ticking away, signifying that I have been alive for 30 years, I cannot help but congratulate myself and wish myself a wonderful decade ahead. Happy 30th birthday to me!
  • I am happy to see myself at this age, looking good and healthy. I have accomplished many dreams in life. I wish to be stronger in my future endeavours. I hope all the best for the future. I wish to keep my health in check while maintaining a youthful body. Wishing a happy 30th birthday to me!
  • We were just learning to speak. We were just starting to walk. We were just being introduced to this magical world of friendship. I cannot believe that I am already 30! Almost three decades have passed, but here we are still together enjoying life at its best. Let’s set aside the differences of the past and celebrate life today.
  • Today is my 30th birthday and it looks like another year of surprises! I can’t believe that I am 30 years old. Am I really 30? If only yesterday, this would be unimaginable. Life has gone by so fast. I guess that’s what happens when I am having fun! Cheers to another amazing year ahead!
  • Wishing myself a very happy birthday! I may be turning 30 but I will always look like a teenager. I am grateful to my loved ones and confidante for sharing this milestone with me.
  • A few years ago when I turned 21, I hardly knew what awaited me in the years to come. Today when I am turning 30, I can never forget that memorable day in my life when I said I will be alive to see my 30th. Happy birthday to me!
  • Wish myself a very happy birthday. 30 is the new 20. Cheers!
  • I can’t believe that another year has gone by. I don’t think that I deserve such a great birthday, but here it is! I hope this year brings me all the things my heart desires most. If not for God, I would not have been able to make it to age 30. Thank You, Lord and may God bless my new age.
  • Today I turn the big 3-0. Yesterday would have been my previous birthday and I can’t help but reflect on how far I’ve come… I am so thankful for the life, lessons and experiences that got me to this point. To another year of self-love, striving towards happiness and coming up with even more amazing ideas!
  • As I turn another page in life, here is wishing myself a very happy birthday. Let’s enjoy my party, celebrate life with me. Here’s to many more birthdays together.
  • I wish myself the very best on this special day. On this day, I am celebrating turning 30. I know that 30 was not meant to come too soon, but I am very happy about that.
  • Today, I’m turning 30 and what a wonderful time to do so. Growing older has its pros and cons, but this period of life is the best. I feel great and want to celebrate my birthday with everyone.

Happy 30th Birthday to Me Quotes

30-years never seemed so young. It makes me giddy to know that I am getting older, but the real reason I should celebrate this birthday is because of how young I have always been in my heart. I wish myself a great new year. Happy birthday to me.

  • Today is an important milestone in my life. I am one step closer to death, but only physically! I hope I will live for many more years to come, but if I pass away tomorrow, I can say that I was happy all my life. I have had the most awesome 30 years of my life.
  • You know what? I don’t need another year before I celebrate, I am good with the one I have got right now. Great birthday wishes, hope all my dreams come true. Happy 30th birthday to me.
  • 30 is the age that marks one’s entrance into adulthood, and being a complete adult means being able to think for oneself. I have been through many phases throughout my life and I’m 30 today. I wish myself more strength and wisdom to keep pressing. Happy birthday to me!
  • I am grateful for all the adventures that have made me who I am today! I am proud to be 30 today. Happy birthday to me!
  • The years go by faster and faster, and we all seem to grow older and older. Not only the ones who pass away will be gone forever, but those who stay will also grow older and older. But no matter how old or tired I become, I will never stop loving myself. Happy 30th birthday to me!
  • I want to thank God for giving me the valuable gift of life. I appreciate all that He has done and continue to do for me, especially when it comes to life’s little troubles and issues. Today is a day I spend alone with my thoughts. Today is just another day to make me smile, a day-long dream for me to enjoy! Good luck with my future. Happy 30th birthday to me!
  • I want to be the person I am today because of the friends I have made here on my journey. Thank you for being a great example and helping me along my way. It’s been a pleasure knowing you, and I wish myself many years with you. Happy 30th birthday to me!
  • I woke up this morning to see that I am 30 years old. I’ll take a cup of my favourite coffee while recalling all the good things I have done in life. Happy 30th birthday to me!
  • I hope you don’t find this weird, but I decided to write a happy birthday card to myself. After all, who can be happier than me? Nobody! Another year is behind me and I am ready for even bigger successes. Life hasn’t been easy but it hasn’t been bad. I promise myself that next year will bring even bigger accomplishments. Happy birthday to me!
  • Today is my special day, and I’m thankful for the life I’ve been given. Hope you also see this day as one bright and joyful. You have made my dreams come true and pushed me to become a better person. I value your invaluable contribution and will always cherish it. Happy birthday to me!
  • Best wishes and success to me and all my endeavours. Happy 30th birthday to me!
  • Every year, I wish I could turn back time and do things differently. For the past birthday, I used to say to myself: ‘I wish you an awesome birthday’. But this year, my new mantra is: ‘I wish you all the blessings in the world!
  • Your very own self. The best gift you can give yourself is to be happy, healthy, and free to do whatever you want in this world. Live your life based on your dreams. Be happy, enjoy the journey. That’s what I will do this new year of mine. I wish myself all the best today. Happy 30th birthday to me.
  • To me, the best day of my life is today. For it’s my 30th birthday, and I can do whatever I want to do! Happy 30th birthday to me, happy 30th birthday to me!
  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! Wow, does time really pass this quickly. 30. I’m still young, but not too young to enjoy life, right? Be right back leaving soon for the celebration of my 30th birthday.
  • I don’t need to say much about myself, the world knows who I am, and judging from my list of achievements and accolades, I know my life is complete. Today is a special day for me; I leave to my country and friends: happiness and love. Today, I will celebrate with my near and dear ones and savour each minute. Thanks for making it easy to love you. Happy 30th birthday to me!
  • Today is the day I turn 30. This is actually the first time I am grateful for celebrating this birthday. It’s really hard to believe that I am already 30 years old! Time flies, and now I see how others are getting married and having kids. Nothing scares me more than thinking about growing old. Today, this is my time to feel young again! Happy birthday to me!
  • I hope my birthday party is fantastic because I deserve nothing but the best! May God bless my 30th birthday. My special birthday wishes to me are to always be happy, healthy, wealthy, nice, perfect and amazing!
  • Years ago as I snuck out of my house as a teenager, I had no idea what the future would hold. Now here I am 30 years old, and I have a family and a job that pays me well. On this special day, I thank myself for all that I have done. Without my commitment, I wouldn’t be where I am today!
  • Here is to the next 30 years of fulfilled dreams, wasted time, endless joy and love. Without God, I wouldn’t be alive. Thank God for making the last three decades the best ever!
  • Today, I will celebrate my 30th birthday. The journey wasn’t easy; facing life’s many ups and downs have taught me to appreciate the present. So here’s wishing myself a very happy birthday!
  • Birthdays are special. They make us realize that all the good things in life come with age. I am still amazed that I am turning 30! I thought I was already past my mid 30’s. Happy birthday to me! Here is to hoping that there are still better times yet to come!
  • It’s amazing how my life has changed over the years. From being a guy who would go out every weekend to one who barely goes out at all, I have changed so much! I am getting to the age where staying up all night is no longer an option for me! I have made me successful, happy and stress-free. I could not be more grateful!
  • Making thirty looks good though it is not an easy feat. I like my cake and I wish myself a very happy birthday! I deserve to blow off some steam and enjoy the rest of the month.

Inspirational 30th Birthday Wishes for Myself

I am grateful to myself for everything. Today, I remind myself that I have achieved a lot in life. Being your own best friend is the greatest achievement you can ever have! I am happy that I can look into the mirror and say, happy 30th birthday to me!

  • I’m not young anymore. My life has taken many unexpected turns. Today I realized looking back, my life is the reflection of what I donate to it. Because I’ve had some disappointments along the way, I learned to think positively and I’m seeing things differently. I know I have a lot of successes waiting for me this year. Happy 30th birthday to me!
  • Like everyone says, there is nothing like 30. It seems like this decade has gone by so fast. All the wild party times, relationships, and drama seemed to fly away faster than I can say birthday! I hope I take time to reflect on the first three decades of my life…I have a lot to be proud of.
  • It’s unbelievable that I am at such an age where you start to take life seriously. Everything is changing and the things I do in life will decide my future. This means I have to really get busy and think about how to make the best decisions in my life and achieve all that I want to achieve. It’s truly made me older and more experienced than before, and I’m excited about the journey that lies ahead of me!
  • Happy birthday to me! 30 years ago, the world saw the first light of this precious star. My life has been as amazing as it has been as ordinary as any other person’s. It’s time we go beyond boundaries and rewrite the rules of this fascinating sport we call life. I wish myself all the best and hope I come out on top in all that I set out to do.
  • It is so good to turn 30. As I look ahead, I see a bright future. I will continue to work hard and reach for my goals. I am glad I can celebrate this special day knowing how far I have come and all the success I will see in the coming years. Have a great birthday and enjoy this milestone!
  • Happy 30th b’day to me. I know, I am getting old. But still, each passing year only takes me closer to my goals and dreams. And I wish myself success ahead! I deserve all the best this world has to offer. I love myself!
  • Oh, I can’t stop thinking how old I will be today. I am afraid we will lose contact soon and we won’t be able to spend time together like we used to do. Well, I wish you all the best and hope one day we will get to see each other again and tell what we have been up to lately.
  • I was working so hard to reach this milestone, and now that I am ready, I want to wish myself a better birthday than mine!
  • My personal self can decide my life and my future. I am sure that I will make the right decision and do something great with my life instead of wasting it by doing nothing. I wish myself a happy 30th birthday
  • Every day I look back at my life and am so thankful for the unique person I am today. I am happy to have you all in my life. You’ve truly made me a better person! Thank you all for your unwavering support of everything I am and everything I hope to be someday. May this birthday be the best for me yet!
  • 30 years ago was the day I came into this world. Although I have made mistakes, I have learnt from them. I have grown to become a better human being. Happy birthday to me!
  • Every year older that I get, my vision of the future gets better and better. I have learnt a lot from my mistakes and failures as well as from my accomplishments. I have been blessed with a clear mind and a healthy body to do whatever I want. So, I have decided to let go of the past, stop regretting things that haven’t happened and focus on how great life can be if we just believe in ourselves, our loved ones and the possibilities! The world is mine for the taking. Happy 30th birthday to me!
  • Though I am 30, I still feel 16. I have always been my most dependable buddy, always willing to spend time with me, talk about my most private thoughts with me, and tell me how it is. Thank me for bringing fun and laughter to my life. I certainly have made a difference in my life! I wish myself a wonderful birthday.
  • Happy 30th birthday to me. Finally, I have become thirty years older! It seems like yesterday I was fourteen and today I am thirty. This is all because of God. God was always there to support me, without His help I would never have reached this milestone in my life.
  • We are living in times where people are getting older faster than ever. But for some reason, 30 seems to be the number everyone is shooting for. But I don’t think of it as so much of a big deal but more of something else. Today, I am celebrating how glad I am to have made it to this age with so many of my loved ones around me. I wish myself the best this season. Happy 30th birthday to me.
  • Time flies and here we are at the tail end of my 30s. I considered myself quite the bold young man in my youth; yet, here I am, finding myself drifting into a sensitive place. By this, I mean that the things that have always defined me are being reborn, refined — or perhaps even discarded with time. It is not something out of my control, but rather something that has come to me naturally with age.
  • 30 years of complete responsibility! I know it’s the age when one has to make up his mind what he/she wants to do next. It’s the time of thinking about setting up a family. If I ask myself, all I can say is that 30 is like 20 with 10 years more of experience.
  • Life is full of surprises. Some are good, some are bad. But I want to say one thing. Whatever life throws at me, it doesn’t matter because I am 30 today. I gotta run fast if I want to catch up on new changes. Happy 30th birthday to me.
  • I just celebrated my 30th birthday. I feel like I’m at a very different place in my life now, and ready to do new things and deal with the many challenges that will eventually come my way. It’s time I made some major changes in my life as well as start enjoying my 30s really well.
  • It is becoming a tradition. As we grow older, we realise that we can become who we want to be and do what we always wanted to do. I know I will do great things with my business! happy birthday to myself.
  • Today should be a global holiday to celebrate great souls who have brought light to a dark world such as the one we live in. I have made life worth living and dreams worth chasing. I appreciate myself for every slight thing I’ve done. I receive strength to do more. Happy 30th birthday to me!
  • Today is a day when I have the right to be happy and satisfied with my life. It has been a long journey to maturity, but today I have an amazing husband, a great job, millions of friends who adore me, and millions of people whom I love dearly. I guess it’s not about what I have but who I am! Happy 30th birthday to me!
  • Happy 30th birthday to me! It is a big milestone. I have given to others, and now it’s time for me. Today I’m going to reap the benefits of all the good deeds that I have done so far. To those who have helped me reach today, thank you from the bottom of my heart! And to those who have been a thorn in my side, goodbye and good riddance!
  • Happy birthday to me on my 30th Birthday. I wish for a ton of money and a very successful life!
  • Wow, my friends! I all know how to make this birthday worth remembering. Tonight is my 30th birthday party and I can’t thank you enough for all the support. All the fun moments with you will remain etched in my memory forever.

You are here already! It’s good to see that your 30th birthday celebration is going to be the best and the new decade you are entering is going to be more glorious than the past.

Keep the excitement flowing by using the 30th birthday wishes and quotes above generously for yourself. Self-love, that’s what it’s called. No one can do that for you.

You can as well extend the excitement to the comment section by telling me the wishes or quotes that really got you. It would be nice celebrating the big day with you. Also, do well to share this beautiful post with loved ones who would be hitting the big 30 too.

Written by Melissa Usunobun

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