Belated Birthday Wishes for Crush

Best Belated Birthday Wishes for Crush (2024)

You don’t need to explain to me how to know you have a crush. I had my first crush in primary school. I don’t know what I was thinking then, but now, I understand that it is all a beautiful part of being human.

Admiring and loving people even when they couldn’t care any less about us. Doing everything we can to help them and make them happy. Guess what? The obsession even gets higher on their birthdays.

I also felt relationships mainly got stronger when one person got sick because then the other person gets the viable chance to go the extra mile in showing how much he or she cares about the sick one. But I wasn’t totally right.

There are several ways to make someone you love feel special. It could be on a day of joy like their birthday or a couple of days after. And you don’t have to do something out of the normal all the time to get your message of love across.

Saying a birthday wish is among the simple actions that make people feel loved. Words are powerful when used the right way, they can make your crush to find you appealing.

They can also make your crush take you seriously for once. Don’t think birthday wishes lose their potency when used belatedly. They could be just what your crush needs at the moment.

Belated Happy Birthday Wishes for Crush – Male

You may be in love with a guy because of his physique, character, intelligence, or just for nothing really. It’s amazing to know that you can make him smile at least, once in a year; on his birthday.
So, don’t hesitate to send him a birthday wish. Guys like this kind of stuff because they rarely get it from their male friends. Where I come from; when it’s a guy’s birthday, his male friends gather around to baptize him with lots and lots of water splashing (even with the guy’s best clothes on!). Funny world, right?
How about you being the one to remind that guy that life can be sane, some days after all that? Here are 25 belated happy birthday wishes to make that male crush of yours feel special.

1. Hello, dear. It’s good to know that the only guy that brightens up my day was plus one some days ago. Do you want to know what I wish for you? I wish you more prosperity than you could ever ask or dream for. Happy belated birthday, love.

2. Your intelligence and wisdom inspire me. So, I wish you more of them. Receive the intelligence of Einstein, the smartness of John Rockefeller and the wisdom of Solomon. Have fun.

3. Whenever I see you all I can pinpoint is brilliance. You have not come this far for nothing. I wish you more of God’s light in your inner man to guide you and to eliminate all shades of darkness. I love you. Happy belated birthday.

4. Happy belated birthday to the guy of my dreams. I feel on top of the world to be able to celebrate with you. I wish you good health and a stronger physique to be able to do all that God has called you for. Never forget how loved you are.

5. Happy belated birthday, dear. I know being you is hard and I can’t help but admire your proud achievements. As you’ve gotten into a new and fresh phase of your life, I wish that you become more willing to do grander things. I’m praying for you.

6. Yes! It was your day again, Hun. I wish you greater spiritual and physical strength to overcome present and upcoming challenges of life. Enjoy a new age of perfection.

7. If I were told to choose from all the guys in the world, I would choose you. You are a rare gem. I am so lucky to know you and to be in the position to write this. I wish you God’s favour, grace and divine support. Welcome to an age of activated dreams.

8. Hello, my joy giver. Happy belated birthday. I wish you higher dimensions of hope and faith to keep believing in God, yourself and the right people. That way your results would be massive and unstoppable.

9. Wow! Who says I can’t be excited on the day the most special person to me was born? Happy birthday, dear. I cherish you a lot. And I know that there is more to you than what I have seen you do and become. I wish you a higher level of self-growth and development as you clock a new age.

10. I wish you more financial opportunities and breakthroughs. All you have laboured so far to build would not be in vain. You would eat the fruit of your labour. Happy belated birthday, serial achiever!

11. Happy belated birthday, king. I admire you so much. May you continue to find love and respect everywhere you go. I wish that you become a wonder and do only what would attract honour to you.

12. Thank God! I was anticipating your birthday for longer than you may think because it gives me the opportunity to show you how much I really care about you. I wish that whatever it is that hinders your progress be disconnected from you right now. May your progress be exponential and staggering.

13. I wish you, and all that has to do with you, wellness and goodness. I usher you into an age of good success. Enjoy, Hun. I hope this still makes you feel special.

14. Just remembering you makes me happy. Thank you for being an amazing person. I wish you the extremes of God’s presence.

15. I wish you greater closeness to God in your spiritual life. God is using you as an agent of positive change in the world from today henceforth. Happy record-breaking belated birthday.

16. You remind me of what greatness is, and couldn’t ask for anything more. I wish you greater heights. Continue to create a legacy and inspire everyone around you, especially me. Happy belated birthday to my kind of guy. Enjoy your new age.

17. Wow, it’s my king’s birthday, I wish you more enjoyment in life. So much enjoyment you won’t be able to use up in your entire lifetime. I remain your number fan.

18. Ever heard of angelic visitations? I wish you visitations that would bring you good news and gifts. Receive more of God’s goodness and miracles. Keep smiling for me. Happy belated birthday. I’ll be coming for my slice of the cake.

19. Happy birthday, my personal person. As you’ve stepped into a new phase of your life, I wish God equips you to identify your strengths and overcome your weaknesses. We need more people like you in our world because you make so much difference. Keep being the blessed you. I didn’t really forget about you.

20. Ever heard of divine speed? Well, thank God now you are going to experience it. I wish you that sublime ability to recover all that you have lost and to achieve in a lesser time what it takes people years to achieve. Bask in the goodies of your new age.

21. Hope it’s not too late to say something sweet to you. I wish you long life and prosperity. You’ll still be breathing fine even when people everywhere are dying. You’ll still be making money even when the nation is in recession.

22. I wish you God’s mercy. The unadulterated mercy of God that would disconnect you from problems and keep you from harm. Your new age looks good on you already. Praise God!

23. I wish you resounding success in all you set your mind and hands to do. Delay would have no place in your life. I guess it’s late to say this; but better late than never. Happy belated birthday.

24. I wish you the ability to make pivotal decisions that would set you on course for a more fulfilling new phase of your life. Yes, you can’t go wrong this time. Happy belated birthday!

25. My only wish today is to be with you for the rest of my life. You make me happy. I’m my best when you are around me. Happy belated birthday to you. I wish you all you wish for yourself.

Belated Birthday Wishes for Crush – Female

I love this part. Having a crush on a female is phenomenal. Females are so relational; a simple wish can make them feel excited like they are high on drugs.
Believe me, I’ll do anything to see a girl I like to respond that way towards me. So, why not take some time today to make that girl you love happy? Below are belated birthday wishes for that female crush of yours that beautifully disrupts your day and makes your mind reroute all the time.

26. Happy belated birthday, babe. Your beauty and character encapsulate me. I wish you everything you wish yourself. Be filled with more beauty and capacity. Remain blessed.

27. Hey, dear. I was just thinking about you. Happy belated birthday. It’s never too late to celebrate a Queen like you. I wish you more successful and meaningful relationships.

28. I’m so glad to aware that you are relishing in your new age already. I wish you more of God’s help to stand out in your every endeavour. Happy belated birthday. Remember that you are special and nothing can ever change that.

29. I wish you the peace that sustains, as you’ve made it to another year of record-breaking exploits. Enjoy your journey.

30. May God set you on high, babe. Above your enemies and all other woes of life. Become more of the high flyer you want to be.

31. God promises that his blessings would come upon you and overtake you. I wish that becomes a reality in your life. Be engulfed in God’s blessings. Be beautified by him. I love you.

32. Don’t ever give up, angel. God would establish you and make you wonder in your field of endeavour. This new age of yours as you have already seen is an age of bountiful harvest.

33. I wish you fruitfulness wherever you find yourself. No wicked force or conspiracy would be able to hijack your blessings. You are set aside by God for mind-blowing results. Happy belated birthday.

34. I wish you divine appointments, love. God would make you be appointed for lucrative posts you haven’t even applied for. Happy belated birthday from the one guy that loves you with all his heart.

35. I wish you a positive change of story and turnaround. Your new age brings to you the best that life has to offer.

36. I wish you a nourishing lifestyle. God has nurtured you so far. Grow to become exactly who He wants you to become in this new phase of your life. Have a blast.

37. I love to be with you all the time. To grow with you and look after you like a mother protects her children. But I can’t always be present. So, I wish you God’s divine protection everywhere you go. The forces of evil would only grope in darkness because they will be clueless on how to stop you.

38. Receive a bountiful release of miracles. The awards and wonderful surprises you would receive in this new age would surpass imagination and measure.

39. Hope your birthday party was an unforgettable one. May God make you an epitome of joy and happiness. You are the most beautiful and charming lady I have ever met. I pray that your smiles never end.

40. Happy belated birthday to the naughtiest girl on the block. I don’t know how you manage to have so much fun and still work efficiently when needed. I’m so happy with all the little moments we’ve spent with each other. Receive more of God’s provisions to become the best of yourself.

41. I’m so proud of you. Happy belated birthday, honey pie. God would perfect his work in you.

42. God’s supernatural immunity would shield you from every devastating tactic of darkness. I can’t heart you less.

43. I wish you greater motivation. Don’t forget that you are doing better than you think. A happy new year for you.

44. Who are those that want to arise to destroy you? They haven’t seen anything yet. The lion of Judah shall arise on your behalf and defend you even before they plan their evil. You are the apple of God’s eyes. Enjoy His care.

45. Happy belated birthday, sweetheart. God would enlarge your territory and increase the amazing possibilities with you. Get ready for a more fulfilling year.

46. God would make you a leader in all your fields of endeavour. And enable you to showcase extraordinary leadership skills. I love the woman you are becoming. I’m also wishing you an awe-inspiring new year.

47. As you’ve celebrated another milestone in your life, may your life be filled with celebrations and laughter.

48. The heavens of opportunities over your life are opened. You would be chosen for good things above your equals. I wish you God’s help to access these opportunities.

49. You are such a powerful person. Have you noticed that? It’s my cute wish for you that God would help you to bring out the best in others around you. If you are thinking of whom to start with, I’m right here and I love you more than anyone else you can think of. Happy belated birthday!

50. Who thought you’d make it this far, honey? But here you are. I wish that God would showcase his power in your life, in a higher dimension. I can’t wait to be with the woman God would use mightily in my time and beyond. Happy belated birthday.

There you have it. Remember your crush is really going to appreciate these best belated birthday wishes for Crush. Every day is a chance to show someone how much you love them, but those efforts when expressed on birthdays are more special.

So, take your time and pick the one that really clicks. It doesn’t have to be too romantic, but it mustn’t be bland either. Make a wish for your crush with all your heart and watch as the bond between you two becomes stronger, and the life of your crush gets better. Thank me later.

Written by Joseph Abimbola

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