30 Things to Do for Your 30th Birthday

Top 30 Things to Do for Your 30th Birthday

A 30th birthday is a milestone. The number itself is a reminder that you are getting older, and you should be grateful for all the things you have done and all the things you will do in the future. You’ve lived through a lot in your 30 years. You’ve survived the ups and downs, highs and lows, and many other clichés that apply to life.

It’s time to celebrate the fact that you’re still standing despite the fact that all the challenges life has thrown at you. Not only that, but you’re wiser for having gone through those experiences.

Your 30th birthday is a milestone in life, one that deserves to be celebrated with style. Whether you’re single, married, or in a relationship, your 30th birthday is going to be filled with fun and excitement. If you want to make this day memorable, here are some 30 things to do for your 30th birthday. Add some extra added just for you. Check them below!

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Things To Do On Your 30th Birthday Man

It’s your birthday, man! It’s a big day, and you deserve to celebrate — but how? Here are some things to do on your 30th birthday.

1. Go on vacation

Vacations are great because they allow people to relax while enjoying their time off from work or school. You can go on vacation with friends or family members or even alone if that’s what makes sense for your budget or schedule! Just remember not to overindulge!

2. Take the plunge and go skydiving

You can go skydiving and experience the thrill of free fall at speeds up to 120 mph. Fly over beautiful green pastures and blue skies as you approach 10,000 feet. That’s when it becomes obvious why this is a bucket-list item for so many: You see the curvature of the Earth against a clear blue sky.

3. Throw yourself a party at home

Throw yourself a party at home with all your friends, or take them out to eat at a restaurant they’ll love. A party at home is a great way to keep everyone together while also keeping it low maintenance. Throw your own party, celebrate with friends and family, or treat yourself to something special outside.

4. Go on a solo adventure

Go on a solo adventure — hiking, biking, kayaking — whatever excites you most! Life is best when you’re in search of adventure. And the adventure doesn’t have to be complicated. Ditch the crowds and explore your own world on a solo trip. Exploring the outdoors is one of life’s most enriching experiences and a great idea for your 30th birthday.

5. Do something creative

You’ve been living and breathing for 30 years. So why not spend your birthday doing something creative? Whether you want to sing in the shower, dance in your underwear, pray for yourself or write a poem – take some time out of your day and do something fun that’s all your own.

6. Do some reflection

Turning 30 can prompt us to think about what we want out of life and what we value most. It’s a good time for self-reflection and goal-setting — especially if you feel stuck in your current situation and don’t know where else the path will lead. Write down what matters most to you: What do you want out of life? What kind of person do you want to be? What do you want from your relationships?

7. Buy yourself something nice

Buy yourself something nice that you’ve wanted for ages (but can’t afford). It may come as a 30th birthday gift.

8. Go camping with your friends or family in your local area

This is a great way to get back into nature again while being able to enjoy each other’s company! You don’t have to go far either – camping on your own property would still be fun!

9. Make a bucket list

If you haven’t already started making a list of things you want to do before turning 40, start now! It doesn’t have to be extensive, but it can help give your 30th birthday some direction if it’s lacking one right now.

10. Start planning for retirement

While 30 is still young (and retirement seems like an eternity away), starting early will help ensure that your savings account grows as quickly as possible — plus

Things to Do on Your 30th Birthday Woman

Beautiful woman, so you’re turning 30. It’s a big milestone, and you want to celebrate it in style. Here are things every woman should do on her 30th birthday.

1. Have a reflection

Take time to reflect on all your accomplishments so far in life and how far you’ve come since turning 30. This is a great time to appreciate everything that has happened up until this point and celebrate all of your favourite moments from the past year or so. If you don’t want to do it alone, make sure you’re surrounded by people who truly care about you!

2. Make a bucket list

Make a bucket list and start checking things off as soon as possible! You may not have a lot of time left before turning 31 (or even 30 again!), so don’t waste any more precious time making excuses or putting things off.

3. Get in touch with old friends

It’s important to stay connected with people who have been there for you through the years, so take this opportunity to reconnect with them. Email, text or call — whatever works best for you!

4. Go on a food tour of your city or state

Take a cooking class at a local school or community centre. You’ll learn new recipes and get tips from the instructor on how to make them in your own kitchen. Plus, it’s fun! It will give you a great reason to try something new — and maybe even make some new friends along the way.

5. Go wine tasting

Visit one of your local vineyards and taste their wines, then buy some bottles to enjoy at home later. Or go on one of the many winery tours available in most states (you can find these by doing an online search). This is also a great time to learn more about winemaking — what goes into making wine, how they’re crafted and why they taste different from region to region.

6. Spa day

Get pampered with massages, facials and other treatments at your favourite spa or resort. Remember that this is one day — no need to overdo it!

7. Get some advice from someone older than you

If you’re feeling anxious about turning 30, it might be time to talk to someone older than you – like your parents or grandparents. They can give you some perspective on what it means to be in your 30s and offer some advice about how to make the most of this decade of life.

8. Throw a party

Have a small party at home where you can invite only your closest friends and family members.

9. Go on a mini vacation with your lover

Go on a mini vacation with your lover, or just do something fun together that doesn’t involve other people (like going on an adventure trip or learning something new).

10. Buy yourself something special.

Go on a shopping spree at your favourite store. Buy yourself some new clothes or shoes that make you feel good about yourself.

Special Things To Do for Your 30th

A big birthday calls for a big celebration. And since this is your 30th birthday, it’s time to get out of that six-year-old mindset and up the ante! What are you waiting for? It’s time to make your 30th birthday one to remember! Here are some special things to do on your 30th birthday.

1. Make a bucket list

2. Take a cooking class

3. Go surfing

4. Learn how to skydive (or at least go tandem)

5. Learn how to swim freestyle, butterfly and backstroke

Things to Do to Celebrate Your 30th Birthday

6. Take an improv class

7. Learn how to play the guitar or piano

8. Attend an outdoor music festival

9. Go on a road trip to somewhere you’ve never been before

10. Take an improv comedy class

Things to Do for Your Thirtieth Birthday

It’s the beginning of a new decade, and it’s the perfect opportunity to reflect on where you’ve been, where you are now and where you’re headed. Here are more things to consider doing on your thirtieth birthday.

1. Have an extravagant party with a vintage theme.

2. Take a trip to a place you’ve always wanted to go to but have never had the chance.

3. Make a list of everything you’ve ever wanted and put it all into action over the course of one year (and beyond).

4. Go skydiving or bungee jumping, or whatever extreme activity is calling your name at the moment.

5. Start treating yourself better by eating healthier and exercising more frequently (or at all).

Ideas to Celebrate Your 30th Birthday

Your 30th birthday is a milestone, and you should have the best celebration possible. Here are some ideas for celebrating in style:

1. Find someone who wants to do something fun together regularly, whether going out for dinner every Friday night or hiking every weekend — whatever floats your boat!

2. Go on vacation with friends and family — preferably somewhere exotic or unusual where no one can reach you by phone or email for several days at least!

3. Go on a cruise. If you have always wanted to go on a cruise but never had the opportunity, this is the right time to do so! Take your family or friends on board and enjoy the beauty of nature while also having fun with them.

Fun Things to Do for My 30th Birthday

30 is a milestone birthday. It’s the age where you can officially say you’re “no longer in your 20s.” But it doesn’t have to be the end of your fun. There are plenty of things to do for your 30th birthday that will keep the celebration going well into those golden years. See some more things below.

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1. Get A Tattoo.

A tattoo is one of the most permanent ways to express yourself. If you want a tattoo on your 30th birthday, then go ahead and get one. But make sure that it’s something meaningful to you and not just something that looks cool.

2. Do something crazy

Do something crazy — like skydiving or bungee jumping — that makes you feel alive without putting yourself in serious danger (or buying something ridiculous like an overpriced luxury car).

3. Go out dancing

Go out dancing at a local club or bar with the girls (or guys). It doesn’t matter what kind of music they play — just make sure there are drinks involved!

4. Go adventurous

If you’re feeling adventurous, rent a luxury car like a BMW or Mercedes-Benz and drive around town showing off in style!

5. Rent a party bus or limo and go bar hopping!

You don’t have to be 21 years old anymore to enjoy going on a pub crawl. Just make sure you drink responsibly (and maybe bring some water too).

6. Grab a group of friends and go on a road trip!

Take a weekend trip somewhere in the state or even out of state. This is an awesome way to bond with friends and get some quality time away from your daily life.

7. Have an indoor picnic

Have an indoor picnic at home with some candles, flowers and good food! If you’re feeling adventurous, add some wine or champagne for an extra special touch!

8. Go white water rafting or rock climbing with friends

Go white water rafting or rock climbing with friends! Both activities are exciting ways to bond with people who have similar interests as you do — plus, they’re both super fun!

Best Ways to Celebrate Your 30th Birthday

30 is a milestone birthday, and it deserves to be celebrated. I’ve rounded up some of the best ways to celebrate your 30th birthday, from big blowout parties to smaller intimate gatherings.

1. Surprise party

Throw a surprise party for yourself! If you want to surprise everyone with your birthday plans, don’t tell anyone what you’re up to and make sure they know not to mention it. Use social media to spread the word about your big party — but don’t reveal where or when it will take place. Start inviting friends and family a few weeks before your birthday so that they can help plan and organize. Make sure everything is ready on time, so your guests don’t have any reason to suspect anything is up!

2. Go on a special vacation

If money is tight, this might not be an option for many people. But if you can afford a getaway, go somewhere fun! Go skiing or snowboarding, go scuba diving or snorkelling — whatever your interests are, there’s a vacation for them out there. Just make sure that travelling isn’t going to disrupt any important responsibilities (like work).

3. Take time off work

You may want to take some time off from work during your birthday week, so you don’t feel rushed or stressed out while celebrating. Whether it’s one day or four days, take advantage of being able to spend more time with family and friends who travelled from out of town to attend your party.

4. Do something exciting

If there’s something exciting going on in town during your birthday month — like a concert or sporting event — consider taking advantage of it by bringing along some friends.

Congrats on your turning 30! You’re in your prime, and you’ve made it to what most people consider the best age of their life. But don’t worry if you feel like life is starting to pass you by, because it’s not! There are plenty of things you can do on your 30th birthday that will help make it the best one yet. And the best of them are right here for you. I hope you found them helpful. Have a blast!

Written by Melissa Usunobun

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