Great Movies to Watch on Your First Date

3 Great Movies to Watch on Your First Date

Whether you’re a man looking for a mature woman who knows what she wants, or you’re a woman looking for a man to spoil and who can keep up with your energy, you can relate to one thing: the first meetup is the most nerve-wracking part of dating.

The best way to settle your nerves is to plan your first date. If you’re out of ideas, why not watch a movie together?

How to find a date to watch a movie with

Movies are best viewed when you’re with someone special. Plus, it doesn’t have to be the only thing you do. Men who know their gals know it, so If you’re in the Hookupdaters scene, you’ll know that a mature woman with a healthy appetite needs more stimulating activities than simply watching a movie, but can it serve as the start of something better? Of course!

But if you don’t have that type of person in your life yet, it’s okay. Men and women with these particular tastes can be found online. You just have to check the reviews for different online dating sites to determine if the type of person you want uses that website. And once you find the perfect service – chat with the members you’re attracted to and ask them about their favorite films; it serves as an amazing icebreaker, no matter the age.

Once you find your match online, you might think that meeting up for the first time would be easy. Modern cougars are well-versed in tech, so thanks to video-calling and chatting up to that point, you might get a feeling that you knew her all your life. But in reality, it’s not that simple. This will be the first time you’ll face each other in person, so appearances would matter more. Because this is the first time you’re physically together, you might find yourselves at a loss for words. But if you watch a movie together, a comfy home outfit will do nicely, and not only will you be spending the first few hours in comfortable silence, letting you get used to each other, you’ll also have something to discuss afterwards.

Now that you know how to find someone to have a movie date with, here are three movie suggestions you can watch.

#1: The Favourite

This period dark comedy stars one of the best actresses that could be classified as a cougar, Olivia Colman, and her partners on the set are Rachel Weisz and Emma Stone. Set in the early XVIIIth century, the movie examines the relationship between the two cousins Sarah, Duchess of Marlborough, and Abigail Masham. They both want to become court favorite of mature and beautiful Queen Anne, who could be relatable to the cougar-y lady next to you.

It holds a 93% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, so you’re in for a treat. Be warned, though. This movie can get raunchy, and it is absolutely not for kids, so watching it with the mature woman you met on a dating site is the right choice. By the way, you and your date might be in a spicy mood after watching.

#2: A Star Is Born (2018)

How to melt the heart of a cougar? By watching a musical together, of course! Did you know that this movie is actually a remake? The original came out in 1937, then was remade twice in 1954 and 1976. It tells the story of a hard-drinking musician who meets and falls in love with a young singer.

The 2018 version stars Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga, who were nominated for Best Actor and Best Actress in the 91st Academy Awards. Since this is a romantic drama, it’s the perfect movie to watch while snuggling. Just make sure you have tissues on hand.

#3: Second Act

If you love to laugh, then Second Act is for you. This romantic comedy stars Jennifer Lopez. She plays an incredibly hot woman in her 40s (so your mature date will relate with her) who successfully gets a second chance at a corporate career after a friend’s son creates a fake resume for her.

Even though it got mixed reviews, you could still enjoy JLo’s great acting and comedy chops.

Love at the movies

Yes, you can have a successful first date by watching a movie. While you’re still chatting with your match online, you can already decide on what to watch together and what to do afterwards. When we say that mature women looking for a partner at online dating sites are experienced, we also mean that they have great taste in movies, so she’ll help you to pick out the best option, and if not – use our list. Then during the date, you could learn how to be comfortable with each other in silence and have the chance to hold their hand or even cuddle.

So, after watching a movie, what else can you do? If it was at the cinema, you could grab dinner or coffee and talk about what you’ve seen, or you could drive her home or invite her to your place. And if you were already at home, and if everything has gone right, the possibilities are endless.

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